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The famous dog became not only the hero of memes, but also the main character of the new composition.

Dog Patron /

The Ukrainian musical group “Karta Svitu”, created by Ivan Marunich in 2020, released the song “Dog Patron” about the most famous sapper dog. The composition was supplemented with a bright video sequence.

“Dog Patron has become not only one of the symbols of the struggle of Ukrainians and a guarantee of daily raising of morale. But also a trendsetter: almost all dogs of the Jack Russell breed have been called “cartridges”. Therefore, with this song we honor not only the main four-legged hero of the State Emergency Service, but also all civilian dogs who are doomed to hear everywhere in their direction “Oh, Patron!” in the near future, – the musicians wrote under their video.

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“Patron and I have birthdays in July. He has the 20th, I have the 28th. So he is 8 days older than me. On his birthday, I congratulated him with a piece of this song (although he would probably have chosen a better piece of sausage ), and people on social networks immediately demanded the full version of the track. The team and I decided not to pull the cat by the tail and recorded a song about a dog in the studio. By the way, Patronchik congratulated me on Instagram on my birthday too. Never before has a dog made me so happy with since the release of “101 Dalmatians” on VHS tape,” commented Ivan Marunich, frontman of Karta Svitu.

Recall a hit”Vanka-vstanka”from the star of the series “School” took first place in the YouTube rating.

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