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Up to the “five” falls short, but looks great.

The enthusiast showed what a remake of GTA III on Unreal Engine 5 could look like / screenshot from the video

The author of the YouTube channel TeaserPlay was noted by another concept on the engine Unreal Engine 5. This time, the blogger showed what a potential remake of Grand Theft Auto III could look like.

The enthusiast has implemented several updated locations and the ability to explore them as the main character Claude. The TeaserPlay protagonist model was borrowed from a 3D artist named Hossein Diba. She retained her recognizable features, but now they are complemented by various details, for example, light unshaven hair and a distinct hairstyle.

In the blogger’s concept, it is possible to walk and drive one of the modernized cars. Thanks to this, TeaserPlay feels like a real remake, not a blank. The enthusiast has also added classic UI elements from GTA III with a few tweaks.

The environment in the video is also worth praising. The author used modern textures and models, but tried to capture the mood of the third part of Grand Theft Auto. In general, the concept does not look ashamed, although the lighting does not hurt to pull it up. In places, the brightness goes off scale, which harms perception.

What other concepts were created on Unreal Engine 5

  • Previously the same TeaserPlay fantasized about how Assassin’s Creed could look like in a Japanese setting on a modern engine.
  • Enfant Terrible enthusiast used UE5 to create locations from a potential Bloodborne 2.
  • A screensaver artist and level designer from Kyiv under the pseudonym Egor implemented on Unreal Engine 5 Novice Village – a cult location from STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl.

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