Give up these drinks, otherwise you face premature old age

With age, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a youthful blush. Usually, by the end of the day, the skin treacherously betrays accumulated fatigue. Mayo Clinic experts identify several factors that lead to the appearance of pronounced signs of age on the face: smoking, the habit of being in the sun without UV protection, and not using moisturizers. People who sin like this, quite quickly begin to see wrinkles on their face and signs of deterioration in the quality of the skin.

What you eat daily also has a noticeable effect on your appearance. Eating foods high in saturated fats and carbohydrates can make you look older than you are over time. And these not very useful substances regularly enter your body not only with food.

The aging process also speeds up what you drink throughout the day. If you keep a close eye on your drinks, you can maintain a healthy glow for longer and prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks and other external signs of aging.

To find out what habits lead to rapid aging, we asked nutritionists which drinks to prefer and which ones to avoid, so that everyone around was sure that you were no more than 28.

1. Addicted to soda

Drinking sugary sodas every day leads to a whole host of health problems in the long run, and sugar is the main culprit in this case.

“In addition to gaining excess weight, sugar stimulates the production of bad cholesterol, which in turn increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases,” explained Edibel Quintero, a registered nutritionist. “Moreover, it provokes premature aging and can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.”

If you really like carbonated drinks and don’t want to give them up completely, try to find ones that have less sugar.

2. Addicted to juices

Even if you completely give up sugary soda, you still cannot be sure that the danger has passed. Juices, despite the halo of usefulness created around them, contain a huge amount of added sugar, which accelerates the aging process.

“It makes sense to stop drinking juices and other drinks with added sugar,” continued Quintero. “A great alternative would be water with mint, lemon wedges, strawberries, or any other fruit.”

3. Addicted to drinks with artificial sweeteners

If you decide to replace sodas and juices with diet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, you may be harming your appearance too.

“While many people switch to drinks with sugar substitutes like sucralose, research shows that people who drink diet drinks not only don’t lose weight, but also consume more calories than those who drink soda with added sugar.” – said registered dietitian Mindy Haar (Mindy Haar).

“Furthermore, preliminary results from animal studies suggest that sucralose may have a negative impact on the intestinal flora, a collection of beneficial bacteria that are responsible for digestion and the immune system.” It is known that the health of the skin directly depends on the state of the intestinal flora, therefore, in order to maintain a beautiful complexion, you need to pay close attention to this.

4. Addiction to alcohol

Addiction to beer, wine and strong alcoholic beverages inevitably affects the appearance. With age, these problems only get worse, so if you want to look your best in your golden years, you should limit your alcohol consumption.

“Alcohol use can lead to various kinds of accidents, such as falls and fractures, which become more devastating with age,” Haar continued. exacerbates the course of diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and hypertension.Alcohol negatively affects the effectiveness of medicines, and since many older people are forced to take pills daily, alcohol is completely contraindicated for them.

5. Not in the habit of drinking enough water

Ultimately, your appearance largely depends on how much ordinary water you drink daily. Those who drink too little water, replacing it with other drinks, unconsciously accelerate the aging process.

“It’s important to drink enough water because water provides the medium for all metabolic reactions and also serves as the building block for all organs and tissues, including the skin,” said Haar.

“The ideal source of fluid is ordinary water, followed by unsweetened tea and coffee. If you drink the right drinks throughout your life, you provide your body with the right “raw materials” for the optimal functioning of all organs and systems. If you opt for less healthy alternatives, over time you may develop chronic diseases, your immune system will increasingly fail, and your bones will become brittle, leading to a marked decrease in your quality of life.”

Therefore, if at any point you have any doubts about what to choose, drink a glass of plain water.

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