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Olaf Scholz said that Germany will expand its presence in the Baltic region

Scholz spoke about the prospects for negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation / photo

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz sees no prospects for peace talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation. He clarified that the reason for this was the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Writes about it Deutschlandfunk.

Scholz believes negotiations remain a distant prospect. According to him, Germany will take responsibility and expand its presence in the Baltic region in order to “protect every square meter of the territory of the alliance” in connection with the current political crisis.

The German chancellor pointed out that security is the most important thing that a state must provide to its citizens. In addition, the politician pointed out that the Kremlin is waging a merciless war against the Ukrainians, so Ukraine will receive financial, economic, humanitarian, political and military assistance.

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Negotiations between Ukraine and Russia – what is known

May 16 at Zelensky confirmed that negotiations with Russia are now on pause. There are several reasons, including the misunderstanding by the aggressor of today’s processes in the world. The last time the delegations of the two countries met face to face was at the end of March.

However, as the publication writes New York Times, there have been disagreements between the United States, European countries and Ukraine over how the war should end. It is noted that the position of President Zelensky and his Western allies will be of particular importance if real negotiations begin to end the conflict.

In turn, the head of the negotiating group with the Russian Federation on the war, David Arakhamia, said that now the Ukrainian side is not considering resuming negotiationsbut everything may change after the “counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in some places” at the end of August.

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