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German eye clinic in Kyiv

German quality, precision, punctuality in the very center of the old city, a modern eye clinic based on the latest German treatment protocols will soon open.

Says doctor expert, medical director of the clinic Grosheva Ksenia.

All our doctors trained in Germany are preparing in the coming weeksfrom August 22, the registration and information center for patients begins to work, we start making appointments for patients.

Doctor expert, medical director of the clinic Grosheva Ksenia

The Patient Information and Registration Center will be open from 9 am to 7 pm, seven days a week. You can check the appointment time with us and also make an appointment on your own through the clinic’s website, get up-to-date information about the methods of treating eye diseases and German treatment protocols.

What appears to us when we think of a country like Germany? German precision, punctuality, and of course the undeniable German quality. This is exactly what our clinic is based on.

A team of innovative scientists keeps abreast of the ever-changing world of ophthalmology. We will be among the first to know about the latest innovations in ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical equipment, as well as intraocular lenses that we implant during cataract surgery.

Our innovators then receive a feedback report from our doctors – this is an evaluation step. This is how a team of expert doctors works to assess the quality of a medical service.

Since the work of the clinic is based on the closest contact with specialists from Germany, of course, we have the opportunity to discuss online with colleagues from the leading German University hospitals the current difficult cases and diagnoses of patients, the work is carried out on an equal footing and they turn to us for advice.

Accordingly, we declare in our activities the possibility of diagnosing and treating the most complex cases of eye diseases, clarifying and correcting treatment.

Surgical treatment of cataracts at the newest level, using the GENIUS NANO and ADVANCED method, which makes it possible to obtain ideal and maximum possible vision after surgery, using the most modern methods of protecting the eye during surgery using the most modern German and English lenses.

We use only first-level materials in our work, without offering our patients compromises, generics, only completely original consumables of the highest class at a specially reduced price for Ukrainian residents, which gives patients the opportunity to receive surgical treatment absolutely identical to German university-level clinics in Ukraine. We have a new laser in Ukraine for laser correction of the 2023 model of the leading German manufacturer and produced with German precision especially for us in Germany by German specialists.

When performing laser vision correction, the minimum experience of surgeons allowed to work is at least 10,000 laser corrections performed with a doctor teacher, which makes it possible to obtain vision very often above one, that is, more than one hundred percent.

From the very beginning of the clinic, we open the possibility of vitreoretinal operations for the treatment of problems with the retina and eye injuries of a complex level and complexity.

The clinic plans to accept patients from one day from birth, and then without age restrictions. We have, as it were, a clinic within a clinic, a special specialized children’s department, where children’s ophthalmologists conduct appointments in a playful way in a separate office, liberating a small patient, doing an examination without tears and stress.

The modern technology of German strabismus treatments is also becoming available without a trip to Germany.

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