Gazprom banned from supplying gas via Poland due to Russian sanctions

Kupriyanov recalled that on May 11, Russia imposed sanctions against foreign companies, including EuRoPol GAZ. In particular, Moscow banned transactions and monetary transactions with legal entities that were on the “black list”.

“For Gazprom, this means a ban on the use of a gas pipeline owned by EuRoPol GAZ to transport Russian gas through Poland,” a company representative explained.

According to him, Warsaw had previously violated the rights of Gazprom as a shareholder of EuRoPol GAZ, and on April 26 put the Russian company on the “black list”, banning the opportunity to work with shares and other securities of EuRoPol GAZ, as well as receive dividends.

The day before, the Russian government approved a list of foreign legal entities that are subject to retaliatory restrictions. The list included 31 foreign companies, among which were firms associated with Gazprom, including EuRoPol GAZ, traders and operators of underground gas storage facilities. EuRoPol GAZ is a joint venture between Gazprom and the Polish PGNiG, which owns the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline.

Europe and Russian gas

The EU countries sharply condemned the military special operation in Ukraine and introduced against Russia several packages of restrictions. Despite this, the European Union continues to acquire Russian energy resources. how wrote at the end of March, the Financial Times newspaper, member countries of the union daily buy 300 million cubic meters of pipeline gas. According to the consulting company ICIS, from the beginning of the special operation to March 15, Gazprom earned $340 million a day from the sale of raw materials.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of March instructed transfer deliveries to “unfriendly” countries to a new payment scheme – in rubles. This decision was made after the introduction of sanctions on transactions with the dollar and the euro. Some countries refused to pay for gas in rubles, considering it a violation of the terms of the contracts.

April 27 Gazprom stopped supply gas to Bulgaria and Poland because of their refusal to pay for it in rubles. In the evening of the same day it became known that their example are planning follow Finland and Estonia.

According to Bloomberg, ten European companies opened Gazprombank has special accounts for paying for gas in rubles. Four more buyers from Europe have already paid for raw materials in rubles. In particular, Moldova declared its readiness to pay in rubles, and Hungary among the EU members.

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