Gasoline prices in Russia are falling for the second month in a row

The average retail price of gasoline in Russia has been falling in April for the second month in a row. This is evidenced by the materials of Rosstat.

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In particular, gasoline in April fell in price by 0.2% compared to March. And in March, the cost of gasoline decreased by 0.15% compared to February. On a monthly basis, this happened for the first time since September 2021. In general, since the beginning of the year, gasoline in Russia has risen in price by only 0.68%, while inflation over this period was 11.67%.

Diesel fuel fell in price by another 0.5% in April, the same as a month earlier. Prices for gas motor fuel also continued to fall in April, slowing down slightly and falling by 7.5%. At the same time, the growth of consumer prices in April in Russia amounted to 1.56%.

Fuel in Russia rose in price in retail throughout 2021, at the end of the year, the growth rate of its price exceeded inflation. A short-term decline was recorded only at the beginning of autumn, after which prices went up again. In February 2022, the growth of retail prices slowed down significantly – to 0.1% against 0.9% in January.


Gasoline and diesel fuel prices will not rise much this year

Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation surethat the prices of gasoline and diesel at gas stations in 2022 will not rise much. “We do not expect any problems with marginality in the foreseeable medium term. I can say for sure that we will pass this sowing campaign successfully, in terms of fuel and lubricants, there will be no questions. In terms of the whole year, the population will not see an increase in gas station prices. This can be guaranteed,” said Anton Rubtsov, director of the department of the Russian Ministry of Energy, speaking at the Federation Council.

Rubtsov also spoke out against the idea of ​​setting marginal prices for fuels and lubricants for sowing, specifying that he was voicing a personal expert position, and not the Ministry of Energy. According to him, already adopted market mechanisms and without it allow to contain the rise in prices. And now the price of gasoline continues to decline. However, the first vice-president of the all-Russian public organization of small and medium-sized businesses “Support of Russia” Pavel Sigal believes that this will not last long. :///

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