G7 countries say they will continue economic pressure on Russia

“We reaffirm our readiness to expand economic and political pressure on Russia while continuing to work together,” the document says.

The G7 countries have promised to impose new sanctions against Russia, including against those sectors of the economy on which the country is “particularly dependent.” In particular, work will continue on imposing an embargo on oil from Russia.

“We will intensify efforts to reduce and end dependence on Russian energy supplies – and as quickly as possible, building on G7 commitments to phase out or ban imports of Russian coal and oil,” the statement said.

The document also states that the G7 countries do not recognize changes in the territorial borders of Ukraine as a result of the military operation and continue to support the territorial integrity of the country, including the ownership of Crimea, as well as any other regions.

In addition, the G7 countries called on China “not to help Russia in its war of aggression” and in circumventing Western sanctions.

The foreign ministers also stressed that Russia’s military operation in Ukraine could lead to global famine and harm the entire world economy due to rising food, energy and fuel prices.

May 13 Head of European Diplomacy Josep Borrell declaredthat the EU will provide additional military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of €500 million. He specified that the deliveries will include heavy weapons, including tanks and artillery. Thus, the total amount of EU military assistance to Ukraine will be €2 billion. Borrell also said that the EU embargo on Russian oil could be agreed in the coming days.

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