further export of Ukrainian grain depends on the fulfillment of security conditions – UNIAN

The head of state believes that the dispatch of the first vessel with Ukrainian corn is a positive signal that there is a chance to stop the food crisis in the world.

The President once again addressed the Ukrainians / photo

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky declares that the further export of Ukrainian grain to world markets depends on the fulfillment of security conditions.

The head of state said this in an evening address to Ukrainians, which was published on the social network Facebook.

“As of now, it is not yet the time to draw any conclusions and predict further events, but the port has started working, the export movement has begun, and this can be called the first positive signal that there is a chance to stop the beginning of the food crisis in the world,” Zelensky said.

“Now everything depends on the implementation of the security parameters of the initiative. And this is the responsibility of the partners. First of all, the United Nations and Turkey. We cannot have illusions that Russia simply refrains from trying to disrupt Ukrainian exports. Russia has consistently provoked famine in African and Asian countries which traditionally imported significant volumes of Ukrainian food. And now, in conditions of extreme heat, as this year in Europe, there is also a threat of a price crisis and a certain food shortage for some European countries,” the president said.

“Therefore, let’s see how the agreements will work and whether there will really be security. 16 ships are already waiting for their turn to be sent, and we are ready to make a proper contribution to stabilizing the global food market. For our state, this also has significant benefits, and the issue is not only in billions dollars of foreign exchange earnings. About half a million Ukrainians are involved in the cultivation of export agricultural crops. And if we add related industries, this is plus a million jobs. Hence the corresponding state attention to the implementation of the export initiative. Our people really need this,” Zelensky said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on the morning of August 1, the first full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine left the Odessa seaport. vessel with Ukrainian food. Dry cargo ship Razoni under the flag of Sierra Leone is heading to the port of Tripoli in Lebanon with 26,000 tons of corn.

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