“Funeral Leaders in the Russian Federation”. Reznikov’s adviser says Putin is destroying his troops – Ukrainian news, Politics

Advisor to the Minister of Defense Alexei Kopytko declared about the “monstrous” losses in the ranks of Russian paratroopers, whom the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin continues to send to fight against Ukraine.

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“The Russian Airborne Forces suffered monstrous losses in the war. There are different figures regarding the share in the total number of losses. If we take a conservative estimate of 20%, this is a wild number. Especially considering investments. These are well-trained, equipped and motivated troops. There were,” he said. Kopytko.

Reznikov’s adviser published a list of Russian units “declassed into the trash”:

– 7th Guards Airborne Assault Mountain Division (Novorossiysk);
– 76th Guards Air Assault Division (Pskov);
– 98th Guards Airborne Division (Ivanovo), especially the 217th regiment;
– 106th Guards Airborne Division – 51st Regiment (Tula) and 137th (Ryazan);
– 11th separate guards air assault brigade (Ulan-Ude);
– 31st Separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade (Ulyanovsk);
– 56th Guards Air Assault Regiment (at the end of 2021 it was formally moved from Kamyshin to Feodosia, coffins are flowing to Kamyshin).

The adviser to the head of the Ministry of Defense said that all Russian cities where airborne units are deployed are leading in terms of the number of funerals: “Kostroma is just a solid cemetery. Pskov, Tula, Ryazan, Ulyanovsk, Ulan-Ude are mountains of corpses. I can’t even imagine the number of disabled people” .

At the same time, now, according to Kopytko, the Russian authorities actively rerolls his paratroopers to the south of Ukraine – to Kherson and Zaporozhye, motivating them to “avenge the boys” and “return the glorious name” of the Airborne Forces. Kopytko predicts that if they are nevertheless thrown on the offensive, then the Russian Federation will lose its attacking potential for years.

“It looks as if Putin is destroying his troops with the understanding that they will not be needed in the besieged fortress in the coming years,” the minister’s adviser added.

Oksana Zhitnyuk

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