FSB announced the prevention of a terrorist attack in Sochi on Victory Day

“As a result of the measures taken, a Russian citizen, born in 1991, a supporter of the ideology of neo-Nazism and massacres, was detained, who was preparing an armed attack on citizens in one of the shopping and entertainment centers in the city of Sochi on May 9 this year,” — says in the FBS message.

According to the agency, a revolver with ammunition, an F-1 grenade, cold steel and a handwritten plan of the planned crime were seized from the attacker.

The FSB clarified that a criminal case was initiated against the man under Part 1 of Article 30 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (preparation for a crime and attempted crime) and Part 1 of Article 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (terrorist act). Punishment under part 1 of article 205 provides for imprisonment for a term of 10 to 15 years.

Later, the FSB distributed video interrogation of a suspect. On the recording, he admits that he planned to carry out a terrorist attack on Victory Day in Sochi and “kill more than 50 people” by throwing a grenade into the crowd from “shooting the wounded” with a revolver. To the question of whether he is a supporter of Nazism, the detainee answers: “Yes, I am.” The man also admits to being a supporter of the Columbine movement *.

Two days earlier, the FSB announced that two more terrorist attacks had been prevented. Both detainees in these cases are also citizens of Russia.

  • May 11 department informed that a supporter of the banned extremist organization Right Sector** was detained in Kaliningrad, planning on the eve of Victory Day celebrations to commit a terrorist act against servicemen of one of the military units of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. After the terrorist attack, he planned to travel to Ukraine to take part in military operations against Russian forces. An improvised explosive device with striking elements and paraphernalia with the symbols of the “Right Sector”** were confiscated at the address of the terrorist’s residence.

  • May 12 FSB informed about the detention of a resident of the Kursk region, who intended “in agreement with the special services of Ukraine” to carry out explosions on the territory of one or several infrastructure facilities of the city of Kursk with a mass gathering of people “in order to destabilize the activities of the authorities and thus influence their decision to terminate the special military operation “. At his place of residence, two improvised explosive devices, a traumatic weapon with cartridges for it, and Nazi literature were seized. After committing the crime, according to the FSB statement, the terrorist planned to leave for Ukraine.

* the organization is recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia

** the organization was recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of Russia

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