Four died, five were hospitalized. What is known about the crash of the military IL-76 near Ryazan

Near Ryazan on June 24, a military transport Il-76 crashed. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that the aircraft was carrying out a training flight without cargo, and an engine malfunction was the cause of the accident. Regional authorities reportedthat four people died as a result of the incident, five with various injuries were taken to hospitals.

The government headquarters specified that the crash occurred in the area of ​​the Mikhailovskoye highway in Ryazan. A TASS source said that the Il-76 flew from Belgorod to Orenburg and stopped at the Diaghilevo air base for refueling. According to the agency, five people were injured, four more died, while on board were 10 people. One of the victims is in critical condition and is in intensive care.

The plane crashed in a field near the Pletenka River near private residential buildings in the area of ​​Mikhailovsky Highway. According to eyewitnesses, when the plane crashed broke off power line, in a holiday village because of this, the power went out. Telegram channel “112” informedthat after takeoff, the Il-76 started having technical problems, and soon a fire started right in the air.

June 21 in the Rostov region suffered the crash of a Su-25 jet attack aircraft, the pilot died. As Interfax reported with reference to the press service Southern Military District, the aircraft was performing a training flight. The press service said that the cause of the crash could be a technical malfunction. The Southern Military District specified that a commission of the Russian Aerospace Forces is working at the scene.

Similar state of emergency happened June 17 in the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region, not far from the border with Ukraine. There, too, a Su-25 military aircraft crashed while on a training flight and, according to preliminary data, hit a power line pole. The pilot managed to eject and survived. Since the attack aircraft crashed in a deserted area, its fall did not cause destruction on the ground. The Russian Defense Ministry reported that a technical malfunction could have been the cause of the incident.

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