Former FSB officer sentenced to 13 years in prison for treason

According to sources, Kazakov handed over secret official information to foreign intelligence and handed it over to foreign intelligence for a fee, which “caused significant damage to the interests of the Russian Federation.” The transmitted information contained state secrets.

Kazakov has already been stripped of his military rank of lieutenant colonel in the FSB reserve. He pleaded guilty, but refused to testify in court.

The case was heard behind closed doors due to the secrecy of the materials. The verdict in the case of the ex-officer was handed down on April 28, at the moment it has not been appealed. Kazakov was also fined 300,000 rubles. The sources did not specify what kind of information Kazakov passed on and to whom.

After Russia launched a military special operation in Ukraine, the Prosecutor General’s Office emphasizedthat those citizens who provide financial and other assistance to a foreign state can be convicted under the article on high treason.

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