Foreign Minister spoke about the evolution of the views of the West on the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

A few months ago, Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba urged the West to accept the ideathat the result of the war should be the victory of Ukraine. Kuleba noted that he sees “evolution” in this matter in the right direction, and also explained why it is difficult for the West to imagine a victory for Ukraine. He spoke about this in interview Ukrinform.

“Yes, I see evolution in the right direction. And it is difficult for them to evolve for two reasons: firstly, because the entire European political philosophy is built on the idea of ​​win-win, when both sides must gain something. Then the agreement based on these mutual achievements becomes more stable and long-term,” Kuleba said.

Secondly, he added that even those who have a good attitude towards Ukraine, the opinion about the defeat of the Russian Federation simply “did not fit into their heads.”

“It (the Russian Federation – ed.) is so great, so powerful, a permanent member of the UN Security Council, with a nuclear button, Dostoevsky, ballet – how can this happen? Imagine that you grew up in one political school and have been building politics on a win-win basis all your life, you have developed some kind of image of Russia, and you have lived your life with it and made a career on it. And then Ukraine comes to you and says: “No win-win, there will be win-lose – this is, firstly. And, secondly, all these writers and ballet have nothing to do with it, because we are dealing with an absolutely barbaric state on the border of Europe, which is trying to destroy us all,” the Foreign Minister added.

Kuleba emphasized that the most difficult task in communications is to change deep-seated beliefs.

Therefore, according to him, the West needs time to evolve in its views.

“Unfortunately, their most rapid evolution occurs after the disclosure of the next crimes of Russia on the territory of Ukraine,” the Foreign Minister added.

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Earlier, Kuleba explained, why now is not the time to agree to unfavorable ceasefire proposals or peace agreements with Russia. According to him, the Russian Federation pretends to be ready for a ceasefire, its priority is still war against Ukraine and an attempt to split the West.

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