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The national holiday on June 23 has the names Timothy’s Day, Timothy the Znamenny, Day of Ghosts.

Folk holiday June 23 / photo by Jill Wellington, Pixabay

Christians celebrate church holiday June 23 in honor of the Hieromartyr Timothy of Prussia. Our ancestors believed that on the day of Timothy, ghosts were observed on Earth. The day was considered dangerous and unlucky. People were afraid to anger the ghost.

According to old beliefs, on June 23, ghosts disturb people and declare themselves in various ways. The actions of ghosts today were attributed to the loss of things, incomprehensible sounds or broken dishes. If nothing happened to a person on this date, then he was considered lucky. June 23 is considered a fire hazard day.

What not to do on June 23

  1. It is forbidden to burn grass and leaves, otherwise a big fire may happen. It is advisable not to kindle any fire at all.
  2. After sunset, do not leave the windows open.
  3. On this day, you can not look into other people’s windows, so as not to take on other people’s problems.

Signs of the weather on June 23

  • If the ants hid, then soon the weather will deteriorate.
  • Drought today promises unstable weather in summer.
  • Poultry pluck – to the rain.
  • If the cat is looking for a warm place, it will soon get colder.

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