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The national holiday on June 22 is called Cyril Solstice, Cyril’s Day.

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Christians celebrate a church holiday on June 22 in honor of St. Cyril of Alexandria. The day is considered happy and prosperous. On this day, you can do important things, appoint interviews and weddings.

From this day on, you can pick strawberries in the garden. On June 22, strawberries are considered especially useful. All parts of the plant are used for food or medicinal purposes. An infusion of strawberry leaves is useful to drink with a cold. For oily skin, make a mask of crushed strawberries and beaten egg whites.

What not to do on June 22

  1. On this day, do not kindle fires, otherwise a fire may break out, since this day is usually hot.
  2. From June 22, it is no longer possible to plant potatoes, even the latest ones, otherwise they will not grow.
  3. The child should not be shown his reflection in the mirror.

Signs of the weather on June 22

  • Crows often cry – to the rain.
  • If the ants are not visible, then the weather will deteriorate.
  • Swallows fly low – to rainy weather.
  • If strawberries are sweet, then the oat crop will be good.

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