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The national holiday on August 2 has the names Ilyin’s day, Elijah the prophet

What a holiday August 2 / photo S. Hermann, F. Richter, Pixabay

Christians celebrate a church holiday on August 2 in honor of the biblical prophet Elijah. This holiday became very popular in Russia after its baptism. Prophet Elijah became one of the most popular saints among the people.

Our ancestors believed that he rides across the sky in a heavenly chariot, and also controls thunder and rain. Often on this date there is bad weather with thunder and lightning. On this day, our ancestors did not work in the field, because they were afraid of a lightning strike. They were afraid of rain and tried to hide the harvested grain so that the harvest would not deteriorate.

From this date, the nights become noticeably longer, and darker much earlier. The first signs of autumn appear: the leaves turn yellow and a cold wind blows. August 2 is considered a very good date for picking forest mushrooms and medicinal plants. Horse owners shoe their animals on this day.

What not to do on August 2

  1. Do not work in the field and in the garden today.
  2. You can not pick berries, hunt and fish today.
  3. It is better not to go to the forest on August 2 – there may be aggressive snakes there.
  4. August 2, you can not look in the mirror. On this date, according to old beliefs, a mirror can draw positive energy out of you.
  5. Do not wear expensive jewelry and watches.

Signs of the weather on August 2

  • If mosquitoes have stopped biting, then autumn will be early.
  • The tops of the birch turned yellow – by early autumn and cold snap.
  • A lot of white mushrooms in the forests – to a good harvest.
  • If the day is rainy, then the bad weather will last for a long time.

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