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The national holiday on August 1 is known as Makrinin’s day, Mokriny.

Folk holiday August 1 / photo by S. Hermann, F. Richter, Pixabay

Christians celebrate church holiday on August 1 in honor of Saint Macrina. On this day, our ancestors harvested oats and harvested mushrooms. From August 1, the first signs of autumn appear – the leaves turn yellow and fall off, and the birds fall silent.

This date is considered one of the wettest of the year. Traditionally, August begins with long rains and thunderstorms. Therefore, until August, our ancestors tried to remove all the hay from the fields so that the rains would not spoil it.

If the day was dry, then the Slavs performed a special ceremony to make it rain. For this, a woman born on August 1 wore a blue sundress and red beads. She took a sheaf of hay and drowned the spikelets in the river. This rite should not be seen by any man, otherwise the whole village will be in trouble.

What not to do on August 1

  1. You can’t kill spiders on August 1st. This promises great misfortune.
  2. On this day, you can’t eat apples, otherwise you can invite minor illnesses on yourself.

Signs of the weather on August 1

  • The east wind blows – to a thunderstorm.
  • If there are a lot of cobwebs in the forest, then autumn will be warm.
  • Rain on Makrina promises a good harvest next year.
  • There are a lot of acorns on the oak – by early autumn.
  • If fluff flew from the aspen, then it’s time to collect mushrooms.
  • Ants hid in an anthill – to a cold snap.

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