Focus: The military of Ukraine are the masters of war of the 21st century, but why did their methods not work in the Donbass?

By resorting to special methods of warfare, the army of Ukraine, for the most part, did not allow Russia to be drawn into the confrontationwhich the Russian command wanted to impose.

As writes Focus, Retired Australian Armed Forces General Mick Ryan explained that the Ukrainian military is using “corrosion” tactics to make it impossible for the enemy to fight the way they want. At the beginning of the war against Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and his entourage apparently hoped to win a quick victory. As you know, nothing came of it. More than five months have passed since the start of the Russian invasion. And the Ukrainian army continues to put up stubborn resistance. Ryan explained why the Ukrainian “corrosion” tactic didn’t work when it came to stopping the Russian offensive in the Donbas.

Ukraine strikes at the weak points of the Russians, using parts of its forces to slow down the advance of the Russian army and demoralize its soldiers‘ General Ryan explained.

This means that Ukrainian forces destroyed enemy communication networks, supply lines and rear areas, as well as artillery and command posts. At the same time, the Australian military emphasized that this Ukrainian strategy was “embodied with discipline and courage.” He notes that in the battle for Kyiv and Kharkov, the defenders were able to stop the advance of the Russian army forward by blowing up the rear of the enemy, as well as destroying part of Russian logistics. According to Ryan, this greatly undermined Russian morality.

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But in the Donbass the situation was very different. Instead of a quick counterattack, the Ukrainian army found itself in a protracted battle of attrition. According to General Ryan, the reason is that the front line in Donbas is very long. Moscow, on the other hand, has concentrated its offensive on the agglomerations of large cities, such as Severodonetsk and Lisichansk. Ukraine avoids protracted battles that cost the lives of many soldiers. Therefore, this type of battle meets Russian interests.

However, thanks to Western support, Ukraine was able to turn the tide of the fighting. The so-called depth struggle has now become an important part of the corrosion strategy. By using long-range systems such as HIMARS, the Ukrainian military was able to destroy strategically important targets, in particular, Russian ammunition depots and command centers. General Ryan notes that the destruction of command posts with high-ranking Russian commanders is very important. He explains that without the coordination of commanders, Russian forces are not as cohesive and their ability to resist the Ukrainian offensive is deteriorating.

Due to the corrosion of Russian morale, soldiers will fight less disciplined, and sometimes even refuse to go on the attack. According to the Australian military, the Russian army is under great pressure due to previous defeats in southern Ukraine. Therefore, it will take greater tactical and operational risks. As an example, he points out that Russia is trying to make up for losses with volunteer battalions. But these forces have neither proper training nor support. Therefore, they will not be able to sustain sustained attacks.

By exhausting the Russian army physically, intellectually and morally, the Ukrainians have advanced even further in the art of war. They are waging war for the 21st century. Ukrainians are masters in it“, – said General Ryan, adding that the defenders of Ukraine refuse to fight on Russia’s terms.

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