Fishing in Ukraine is prohibited under power lines

Gosenergonadzor reminded fishing enthusiasts to follow the rules for staying near overhead power lines (power lines), since they are often located near water bodies.

How transmits “Government portal”, when moving under air lines, it is deadly to lift fishing rods and carry them on your shoulders. To avoid approaching and accidentally touching the wires, you should carry the rod, lowering it parallel to the ground.

Also, fishing during a thunderstorm can be deadly, especially in the protected zones of power lines. A fishing rod, which is a current conductor, can accumulate electric charges and attract a lightning strike.

“Modern fishing rods are made of carbon fiber – a material that is a conductor of electric current. High humidity near water bodies creates a danger to life even when approaching the wires of an existing power line. Despite the fact that modern fishing rods have a warning sign, and in passports or accompanying documents they write about the inadmissibility of using them near power lines, fishermen neglect these safety rules and continue to fish near power lines,” the report says.

Gosenergonadzor asks you to follow simple rules while fishing, namely:

  • be careful yourself and remind other fishermen of the danger near power lines;
  • avoid catching fish in the security zones of electrical networks, under the wires of power lines;
  • observe the requirements of warning and prohibition posters, which indicate the places where fishing is prohibited in the protected zones of power lines.

Recall that the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Approval of the Rules for the Protection of Electrical Networks” established security zones of electrical networks, namely: up to 1 kV – 2 m; up to 20 kV – 10 m; 35 kV – 15 m; 110 kV – 20 m; 150, 220 kV – 25 m; 330, 400, 500 kV – 30 m; 750 kV – 40m.

According to paragraph 9 of the Rules, fishing is prohibited within the security zones of overhead and cable lines, transformer substations, distribution points and devices.

Also, by order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine, the “Rules for the safe operation of consumer electrical installations” were approved, in accordance with which the permissible distances from a person in any position and the applications applied by it to live parts under voltage, not less than: up to 1 kV – 0.6 m; 6 – 35 kV – 0.6 m; 110 kV – 1 m; 150 kV – 1.5 m; 220 kV – 2 meters.

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