Films with actors creating a “threat to national security” will no longer be shown in Ukraine

In Ukraine, films with the participation of actors who create a “threat to national security” of the country will no longer be shown. About it reported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy. There are 209 people on the blacklist, among them are well-known Russian and foreign artists (however, it also includes people who are not directly related to cinema).

Goskino of Ukraine will stop issuing and renewing licenses for showing films featuring actors who commit hostile actions towards the country. Their list was compiled by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and handed over to the Ministry of Culture.

Of the Russians, the list included, in particular:

Actor Ivan Okhlobystin. He does not hide that supports the introduction of Russian troops into Ukraine. In addition, he participated in concerts dedicated to supporting the military special operation.

Artist Mikhail Porechenkov. He also spoke out for the conduct of hostilities in Ukraine, but even before the start of the special operation, he held and expressed an anti-Ukrainian position – for example, in October 2014 went into the unrecognized at that time Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and, wearing a helmet with the inscription “Press”, fired several times from a machine gun “Utes”. This was captured on video. The SBU put Porechenkov on the wanted list on charges of terrorism.

Actor Alexei Panin. Despite his statements against the hostilities in Ukraine, in 2017 the artist was included in the list of those who, according to the SBU, threaten the country’s national security. In 2014, Panin publicly supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia, but later apologized on his social networks for this.

Musician Alisher Morgenstern. Rapper who at the end of 2021 left Russia shortly after the words of the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin that the musician allegedly “sells drugs in social networks”, was also included in the list of persons threatening the national security of Ukraine. SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtyarenko explained to UNIAN that Morgenstern was included in this list because he promotes violence, cruelty and drug use in his songs. The rapper himself put forward a different version: he believes that he turned the Ukrainian authorities against himself when, at a concert in an Odessa club, he refused to support the mourning declared in the city due to the death of several local college students. Speaking to the inhabitants of Odessa, Morgenstern called this mourning “****** window dressing.” Then he said that his words were taken out of context to inflate the hype.

In addition, the list of the SBU included the artist and director Vladimir Menshov (who died in mid-2021) and the director and actor Fyodor Bondarchuk. Fit also features non-film actors, such as philosopher Alexander Dugin, writer Zakhar Prilepin, producer Iosif Prigozhin and musician Iosif Kobzon (died 2018).

Of the foreigners on the list were:

Actor Gerard Depardieu. The artist entered the list in 2015. However, as noted by Deutsche Welle *, Depardieu could be on the list for his public declarations of love for Russia and obtaining Russian citizenship in 2012. However, the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch a military special operation called “insane”.

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. As reported by the BBC, Durst said that he would like to buy a house in the Crimea, which at that time had already become part of Russia. For this statement, Durst was banned from entering Ukraine in 2015 for five years.

Actor Steven Seagal. He ended up on the list in 2015 after appearing at a concert in Crimea with the flag of the DPR in his hands. In 2016, Seagal received Russian citizenship.

Directed by Emir Kusturica. After the outbreak of hostilities, the director actually supported Russia and spoke out against the “cancellation” of Russian culture in the world.

*included in the register of media-foreign agents

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