Experts explain high losses among Buryats and Dagestanis – UNIAN

According to official figures from the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have killed more than 34,000 Russian troops since February 24.

Putin massively sends Buryats and Dagestanis to Ukraine / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Sinitsa

According to information from open sources, in battles against the Ukrainian army, soldiers from Buryatia and Dagestan.

Military experts explained why this is happening, writes “Apostrophe”.

According to Mikhail Zhirokhov, the high losses among the Buryats and Dagestanis are caused by the territorial location of the military units of those types of troops that the Russian Federation uses in the war against Ukraine. In addition, the army is the most attractive “employer” for the residents of these two regions.

“Initially, the invasion group was formed from those units that are located in the Far East, beyond the Urals, in Buryatia and Tuva, so their level of losses is many times higher. That is, the territorial principle is preserved, and this is a normal process for any army, I would not I was looking for Putin’s evil machinations,” the expert says.

He clarified that at the beginning of the invasion, Ryazan and Tambov paratroopers were involved, among them there were also losses.

“We are talking about a section of society. That is, a Muscovite or a Petersburger with their income will not join the army. Basically, we are talking about people who have a specialty that is not in demand “in civilian life”, or they have no job at all. That is, as soon as everything gets bad and military units from central Russia begin to be used, the number of local dead will immediately increase. That’s all,” the expert believes.

In turn, military expert Mikhail Samus is convinced that the reasons for the mass losses among the Buryats and Dagestanis are the “Soviet” principle of taking people from the provinces to the war, and not touching the “capital”. According to him, this was done in order not to stir up protest moods, and Putin’s manual has not changed since then.

“This is a “soviet” tradition. For example, during Afghanistan there was an order to take people into the army from the provinces and poor regions, villages and some factory quarters, but in no case in Kyiv, Leningrad or Moscow. Protest moods and discontent in capital in the USSR have always been considered inappropriate and undesirable developments of the situation. Putin acts in exactly the same way. So, for example, when the war began, Kadyrov immediately offered his opportunities. But when “Kadyrovites” began to be killed in Ukraine by the hundreds, Kadyrov himself could no longer refuse Putin, and therefore sent more and more of his subordinates to the slaughter. That is, he demonstrated his loyalty to Putin personally,” the expert notes.

Samus adds: the processes taking place in Chechnya and Buryatia are similar. The Buryat leader probably decided to show loyalty to Putin by forming separate groups of volunteers, mobilized or contract soldiers.

According to Yuri Karin, coordinator of the Information Resistance portal, it cannot be said that Putin deliberately uses a certain ethnic group in the war against Ukraine.

“The data available in our investigation on the largest number of funerals of the occupiers in Dagestan can only indicate that in a region with strong religious and tribal ties it is very difficult for the authorities to “tighten the screws” of censorship. The only exception to this rule is Chechnya, where until recently the local dictator reported only about two dozen “squinted tiktokers.” But in recent days, this region has come close to the leaders of the funeral processions, perhaps because of Ramzan Kadyrov’s desire to once again show his devotion to Putin and dispel the myth of the Kadyrovites as “war heroes” in Tik-Tok and the kings of sweeps, not clashes with the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Karin believes.

As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were eliminated in Severodonetsk in a week almost 30 “Kadyrovites”.

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, since February 24 in Ukraine were destroyed more than 34 thousand Russian invaders.

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