expert predicted the actions of the occupiers about the Snake Island – UNIAN

Opponents on Snake Island are sitting without ammunition, water and food, the military expert noted.

The Russians will try to break through to the Snake Island, the expert warned / photo

Russian invaders will try to break through to the island Serpentine in the Black Seato “feed your garrison”.

Due to the fact that the enemy continues to keep the garrison on Zmein and endangers it, the island can turn into a new Chernobaevka, military expert Oleg Zhdanov said in an interview with one of the YouTube-channels.

The interlocutor noted that now the Ukrainian side controls the approaches to Zmeiny with firepower.

“With the receipt of the Harpoon missile system, we finally took the island under our fire control. We destroyed the tugboatwhich was carrying food and ammunition, personnel for rotation and equipment, the Tor installation … “, the expert noted.

Zhdanov added that now the enemy garrison of the island is sitting on water, food and ammunition.

“… The Russians will try to break through there in order to feed their garrison. But their stubbornness – to keep the garrison there and expose it to such a danger – can really turn Zmeiny Island into a new Chernobaevka,” the expert believes.

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Recall that the Russian troops invaded Ukraine early on the morning of February 24, and a full-scale war began. The enemy managed to take control of part of the south and east of the mainland territory of the Ukrainian state, as well as Serpent’s Island.

Ukrainian soldiers gave the enemy a worthy rebuff. In particular, on June 21 it became known that enemy positions on Serpentine were hit, and the enemy suffered heavy losses.

Earlier it became known that in Chernobaevka, Kherson region defenders of Ukraine many times struck at the positions of the occupiers.

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