Exhibition “Premonition” by Alexander Dubovik opens in Kyiv

The exhibition “Premonition” by Alexander Dubovik was presented in Kyiv. The exhibition demonstrates the zone of turbulence through which the whole world passes today together with Ukraine. This was announced by ZN.UA photojournalist Vasily Artyushenko.

The exhibition was presented by the Ukrainian House National Center in cooperation with the Stedley Art Foundation and the Dom Master Klass cultural center.

Vasily Artyushenko, ZN.UA

“Premonition” combines works of different years, written over the past decades. They culminate in the 2022 Phantoms graphic series. This series is especially important for the artist as it was created to the sound of sirens and explosions during the months of the war.

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“Each created phantom, born out of the chaos of the modern world, appears before us both as an ancestor, and as a protector, and as his own reflection. Alexander Dubovik never ran away and did not retreat from the foundations of truth, therefore, at this difficult moment, he remained in Kyiv” , – said the organizers of the exhibition.

Vasily Artyushenko, ZN.UA

In his works, Dubovik used new conceptual and plastic ideas and manifested himself as an artist belonging to the European artistic tradition, sharing the same values ​​and adhering to the concepts of honesty and respect for art as such.

Vasily Artyushenko, ZN.UA

“Art is the hope for harmony. It is addressed to every person, to a sovereign personality, and therefore is fundamentally ambiguous,” the artist noted.

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