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UNIAN has collected a selection of trendy hairstyles.

Hairstyle for summer 2022 /

Hairstyle is an essential attribute of a full-fledged image. What hairstyle to do this summer to look your best – read in the UNIAN material.

wet hair effect

This hairstyle is perfect for an evening look. For everyday outings, it is better to choose another option. The effect of wet hair is done with a gel. You need to wash your hair, dry it slightly and apply the gel.

Hairstyle for summer 2022 /

low ponytail

Before making a low ponytail, make a parting. Then select one strand from below and wrap it around the tail. After that, fix the hair with an invisibility.

Hairstyle for summer 2022 /

heroin chic

Previously, Hollywood waves were in the trend, but now light ones, or as they are also called, heroin chic, are at the peak of popularity. For such a hairstyle, you can use, for example, special hair dryers with different nozzles. If you need a lighter option, then use a curling iron.

Hairstyle for summer 2022 /

high beam

With such a hairstyle, you definitely will not be hot. The high beam is very easy to make. And if you pull out a few strands to add a casual look, you’ll be a star.

Hairstyle for summer 2022 /


This option is more suitable for those girls who want to look more youthful. Make some afro braids and enjoy the look.

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