every third person in Russia believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth – UNIAN

65% of Russians were able to answer no more than 4 elementary questions out of 6.

Total stupidity: every third in the Russian Federation believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth / photo REUTERS

The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion held interviewduring which respondents were asked six simple questions in order to determine the level of scientific literacy.

As the results show surveypublished in the Russian media, a significant part of Russians did not know the answers to them.

Thus, 21% of participants correctly answered only two or less questions out of six. Such a low level of scientific literacy is typical for Russians over 60 years old, active TV viewers with an education at the secondary level and below, as well as those living in rural areas.

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44% of Russians, according to VTsIOM, have an average level of scientific literacy. The group included respondents who gave three or four correct answers. As a rule, these are people over 45 years old, with a secondary specialized education and living in small towns.

The highest level of scientific literacy was recorded by the center among respondents aged 18-24. A third of respondents in this age group correctly answered 5-6 questions. Half of them actively use the Internet, 45% have higher education. Mostly these people live in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In particular, the survey showed that many Russians continue to hold false ideas that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Every third Russian believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth (35%). 61% consider this statement to be false, another 4% found it difficult to answer. During a similar survey conducted in 2007, 28% of respondents agreed with the false statement, in 2011 – 32%.

But only 12% of the population agreed that the Earth makes a complete revolution around the Sun in one month. 69% gave a negative answer, 19% of the survey participants found it difficult to answer. Previously, 20% of Russians believed in this (2011).

For other questions, the proportion of incorrect answers has decreased over the years, sociologists say. But illiteracy is still striking.

For example, 21% of respondents believe that humans once coexisted on the planet with dinosaurs. In 2007, 30% of Russians believed in this anti-scientific myth.

44% of Russians agreed with the statement that GMO foods can cause cancer, and 7% believe that radioactive milk will become safe after boiling.

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