Evacuation from Zaporozhye region – Residents are asked to leave the war zone

Head of the Zaporozhye OVA Oleksandr Starukh noted that residents of the Zaporozhye region should leave from the war zone.

“There are changes in the minds of people. People were afraid of the first shelling, but now they are used to it … Despite this, we urge our fellow countrymen to leave the war zone. For us, it is a priority to save people’s lives. If there is life and health, everything can be rebuilt. If there will be no life or health, then nothing needs to be rebuilt, so we strive to save people, unfortunately, in the occupied territories, due to the actions of Russian invaders, there are cases of civilian deaths,” Starukh said in an interview. “Ukrinform”.

The head of the OVA also noted that 80% of the residents left some settlements, and some left earlier, but are now returning again.

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The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) does not record preparation of Russian troops for an offensive on Zaporozhye.

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