EU to allocate another €500 million for military assistance to Ukraine

According to Borrell, these funds will be used to purchase heavy weapons such as tanks, armored vehicles and artillery. It is assumed that the costs of the EU countries to help Kyiv will be reimbursed by the European Peace Fund.

The EU representative also called on the participants of the meeting to put all kinds of pressure on Russia in order to isolate it in the world political arena. In addition, Borrell also expressed optimism that the EU embargo on Russian oil could be agreed in the coming days. writes Reuters.

“I am sure that we will have an agreement. We need it and we’ll get it. We must get rid of oil dependence on Russia,” he said.

Head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen May 6 informedthat the EU has provided €4 billion in support of Kyiv over the past ten weeks. According to her, the conflict in Ukraine “is more than a stress test for the economy” of the European Union.

  • Formerly Josep Borrell spoke with the initiative to withdraw the frozen foreign exchange reserves of Russia and transfer them to Ukraine. As a precedent, the head of European diplomacy cited the US actions with the assets of the Central Bank of Afghanistan. According to Borrell, the Americans spent the billions of dollars they seized on compensation for victims of terrorism and humanitarian aid to the country.

  • In mid-March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov declaredthat any cargo with weapons for Ukraine will automatically become a target for the Russian military. In turn, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov noted that by pumping weapons to Ukraine, the West is heating up the situation between Moscow and Kyiv, which will lead to negative consequences.

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