Enemy agents still operate in Ukraine, saboteurs detained in Kyiv – General Staff

The arrested individuals photographed railway infrastructure facilities and roadblocks.

In Ukraine, an enemy network of agents is still operating. Recently in Kyiv detained two saboteurs who were photographing railway infrastructure facilities and roadblocks.

This information was shared by the Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Brigadier General Alexei Gromov during a briefing on Thursday, June 23.

“Two citizens of Ukraine were detained in Kyiv, who were found to have a photo of the railway infrastructure of the capital. A woman was detained in the Shevchenkovsky district, who had photos of checkpoints. departments of the Russian Federation,” Gromov said.

According to the brigadier general, Russia has not abandoned its plans to seize Ukraine and disrupt the supply of weapons. However, the Defense Forces continue to act in a coordinated manner and detect enemy agents.

Recall that on June 21 in the SBU toldthat the head of the department of the secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers and the head of one of the directorates of the CCI were under arrest. They were Russian agents in the government.

On June 20, the Security Service of Ukraine delayed saboteur from the Middle East. His task was to prepare explosions at Ukrzaliznytsia.

War of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

  • 24 February RF invaded to independent Ukraine and caused a real collapse in the country. The invaders not only seize military units, airports and other strategic facilities, but also shoot at civilians and high-rise buildings of cities.
  • February 27, 2022 information appeared that Belarus could declare war on Ukraine. There is no official confirmation of the invasion of her army into our territory yet.

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