Elon Musk’s transgender daughter files lawsuit to change gender and name

The transgender daughter of businessman Elon Musk has filed a lawsuit asking the court to change her name and issue her a new birth certificate – in accordance with her new gender identity, informs Reuters.

The document was filed in court in Los Angeles in April, but it became known only recently thanks to media reports, the newspaper notes. Musk’s daughter justifies her decision as follows: “I no longer live and do not want to be associated with my biological father in any way, in any form.” The reason for the gap between the daughter and father is unknown, Reuters emphasizes.

The former name of Musk’s daughter is Xavier Alexander Musk, and she intends to change it to Vivian Jenna Wilson, according to the screen of the statement. published tabloid Daily Mail. She turned 18 this year, the age of consent in California. From data, which publishes the court documents, states that the application has not yet been decided – it is under consideration.

A lawyer for Musk and Tesla did not respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Xavier Musk’s mother is Canadian writer Justine Wilson, to whom Elon Musk was married from 2000 to 2008. The couple have twin sons, Xavier and Griffin, and triplets, Damian, Kai and Saxon, who are now 16 years old.

In March, it became known that Musk’s ex-girlfriend, 34-year-old Canadian singer Grimes, was dating a WikiLeaks source, a transgender woman, 34-year-old Chelsea Manning. Grimes began dating Musk in May 2018, and in May 2020 the couple welcomed their son, whom they named X AE A-XII.

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