Elijah’s Day 2022 – what holiday is August 2 today

On August 2, Eastern Rite Christians celebrate Prophet Elijah Day – a holiday dedicated to one of the most revered Old Testament prophets. The holiday is celebrated annually on the same day.

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history of the holiday

It is believed that Ilya was born 900 years before the birth of Christ. After his birth, his parents had a vision in which the elders talk to their son as an equal, “feed with flame and swaddle with fire.”

The vision turned out to be prophetic. Ilya grew up as an ardent admirer of faith and worship of the one God. Already in his youth, Ilya showed an example of a charitable and righteous life. He retired to the desert and spent his time in prayer and strict fasting.

When Elijah grew up, God sent him to Israel to serve King Ahab, who worshiped a pagan god. Elijah asked the king to see the true God, otherwise the kingdom would be overtaken by famine. Ahab refused to do so, and a drought soon overtook his people.

Elijah proposed to build two altars: one to the pagan god Baal, and the other to the one God. In the morning, the pagans began to offer sacrifices to Baal and cry for rain, but to no avail. Elijah in the evening ordered to put firewood on his altar and water it with water. The prophet began to pray to God, and soon fire came down from the sky and the damp firewood caught fire, and the sky itself was covered with clouds, and it began to rain.

The people of Israel saw this miracle and turned to the one God. Elijah ascended to heaven. It is believed that a fiery chariot descended from heaven and took him away.

What not to do on Elijah’s Day

On a holiday, you can not do work in the field or garden. It is believed that the hay must be removed before Ilya.

Homeless cats and dogs should not be allowed into the house. According to legend, the impure forces are afraid of the wrath of the prophet, so they turn into animals.

You can not drive cattle to pasture, it was believed that wolves could bite them.

It is also forbidden to stand under a tree or be in the water during a thunderstorm. You need to go into the house and put a candle in front of the icon of Elijah.

You can’t swim on holidays. It is believed that from the Day of Elijah the water becomes cold and cloudy.

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