“Elenovsky crime”: Russia will not stop. There will be new cannibalistic provocations – news from Ukraine, Politics

1. Of course, the Russian troops delivered a carefully planned blow to the colony. There are no operational military targets for the Ukrainian army in Yelenovka. Moreover, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have all the tools to accurately identify the objects to be destroyed: ammunition depots, operational-tactical staff, fuel bases.

Help July 29, 2022 Russian invaders shelled a colony with Ukrainian prisoners of war in Yelenovka in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region. By data Office of the Prosecutor General, about 40 Ukrainian fighters were killed, another 130 were injured. Russia accused Ukraine of shelling the colony. Ukraine claims that it did not hit Yelenovka, and the explosion was the work of the invaders themselves. By data SBU, the Russians could have staged a terrorist attack by exploding explosives planted in the premises of the colony.

APU for about a month “take out” trains, command posts and other important targets in the deep rear of the Russian army. Russia is systematically trying to disrupt the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular, launching fakes and IPSO about alleged arms smuggling.

2. The scale and speed of the information campaign of Russian propagandists indicate that it was a specifically planned, organized action. We know that some of the captured defenders were transferred to the barracks, which was hit, a few days before the crime. Classic, cynical, thoughtful false flag operation.

3. The goal of the “Yelenovsky crime” is to hide evidence of the scale of Russian war crimes and torture, which is becoming more and more, to disrupt exchange agreements, to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and (in this case) specific models of foreign rocket weapons that terrify Russian occupiers.

4. The accuracy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been proven by numerous fires in warehouses, logistics points, command centers and bridges in the Kherson region. When Ukraine destroys something, this is automatically confirmed by various fixation tools.

5. Russian hysterical proactive statements that a blow was struck against captured Ukrainian defenders is to create a resonance in Ukraine and turn the population of different countries against our Armed Forces. The motive is clear. The real identities of the dead will be established by Ukrainian intelligence and special services.

6. In any case, the Russians deliberately, cynically, deliberately massacred Ukrainian captive citizens, and this will be investigated by the Office of the Prosecutor General and international investigation teams.

Obviously, sensing the approach of tactical defeats, Russia will resort to new cannibalistic provocations to promote them to global markets.

We also demand an immediate tough reaction from the UN and other international organizations – Russia should be excluded from any international institutions.


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