Elena Zelenskaya spoke about her son’s desire: “The worst thing” – UNIAN

Zelensky’s son dreams of becoming a soldier.

Vladimir Zelensky with his family /

First Lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya in a new interview, she told how the war affected her family.

According to Zelenskaya, in the early days of the war, she and her children went to a safer place, while her husband Volodymyr Zelensky fought for Ukraine and resisted Russian aggression.

She, like any loving mother, was very worried about her children. And if their eldest daughter Alexandra will soon enter a university in Kyiv, then their little son Kirill wants to become a soldier in the future.

“I really hope that when he turns 18, we will have many years of life in a free and peaceful country. Currently, life and Ukraine seem far from this. The worst thing is that he tells everyone that he wants to be a soldier,” she said. first lady interview The Economist.

Recall, Volodymyr Zelensky interrupted first lady interview He showed up at the residence to see his wife, whom he rarely sees because of the war in Ukraine.

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