Ekaterina Mizulina demanded that Artemy Lebedev be held accountable for the “rehabilitation of Nazism”

In Lebedev’s May 9 post, which was quoted as a screenshot by Mizulina, the designer wondered what events started World War II. In particular, he mentioned the events in Poland, which in Soviet historiography were called the “liberation campaign of the Red Army”, and in the modern law “On Veterans” are called “combat operations during the reunification of the USSR, Western Ukraine and Western Belarus from September 17 to September 28, 1939 “. The director of the Safe Internet League called Lebedev’s publication a “victory frenzy” that is “punishable.”

“A striking example is the post of the famous blogger Artemy Lebedev, who compares the actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany and deliberately distorts historical facts. Previously, he was already seen in the distribution of disgusting fakes about Orthodoxy. And this is a person who is recruited to work with youth, who is invited to work by respected state television channels?!” Mizulina wrote.

Director of the Safe Internet League promisedthat the organization “will seek to bring him to justice for the public dissemination of deliberately false information about the activities of the USSR during the Second World War and the rehabilitation of Nazism.” So far there has been no reaction from Lebedev himself to these accusations.

In a separate publication, Mizulina noted that, according to the data she has, “from May 2, 2022 [была] 291,000 fakes about Victory Day and the “Immortal Regiment” campaign were distributed in order to “spoil the celebration of Victory Day”. She called information about the plans of the President of Russia to announce a general mobilization during the Victory Parade on May 9 one of the main “stuffings”.

“Calls were actively spread to disrupt the Immortal Regiment campaign in Russian cities. The provocateurs prepared propaganda posters, which were actively distributed on social networks along with manuals for committing hooligan actions during the march of the regiment,” Mizulina said.

According to the director of the Safe Internet League, the hacker attack on the Rutube service was also organized in order to interfere with the celebration of Victory Day, namely, to disrupt the broadcast of the military parade and the march of the Immortal Regiment.

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