eight doctors to stand trial on suspicion of his murder – UNIAN

An investigation into the death of world football legend Diego Maradona has ended.

Diego Maradona / photo REUTERS

Argentina completes investigation into circumstances death of world football legend Diego Maradona.

As a result of the investigation, eight suspects were identified. We are talking about neurosurgeon Leonardo Luca, psychiatrist Agustin Kosachov, psychologist Carlos Diaz, medical coordinator Nancy Forlini, nurses Mariano Perroni and Ricardo Almirone, nurse Dahiana Madrid and family doctor Pedro Pablo Di Spagna.

They are accused of criminal negligence that led to the death of Maradona, reports Reuters.

Maradona died in 2020, the official cause of death was a violation of the cardiovascular system. Three weeks earlier, neurosurgeon Leonardo Luque performed an operation on Maradona to remove a blood clot on the brain.

A medical commission appointed to investigate Maradona’s death concluded that the football legend’s medical team acted in an “inappropriate, inadequate and reckless manner.” The investigation suggests that the patient was discharged from the hospital too early, and his medical team did not provide him with sufficient care, leaving Maradona to fend for himself.

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In turn, the accused deny their responsibility for the death of Maradona. The judge said some of the lawyers are asking for the case to be dismissed.

We add that a crime of this nature in Argentina usually entails a prison sentence of 8 to 25 years, according to the country’s criminal code. At the same time, the defendants will not be kept in custody until the trial.

Recall that Diego Maradona died on November 25, 2020 from an acute cardio-respiratory crisis. He was 60 years old. In Argentina three days of national mourning was declared due to the death of the legendary football player.

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