Efrosinina first explained why she does not communicate with her mother-in-law – UNIAN

Previously, Masha kept this topic a secret.

Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina in the show “Adult Girls” said that for more than 20 years she has not communicated with the mother of her husband Timur Khromaev.

The celebrity admitted that they have a difficult relationship. According to her, she often heard that the relationship between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law depends mainly on the mother-in-law, but everything happened the other way around.

“This is a great tragedy in our family, which does not allow us to communicate all these 20 years. This is a problem for my husband, and my children, and loved ones … Well, she did not want to build such relationships,” shared Efrosinina.

It is known that Masha’s husband Timur Khromaev was born into a wealthy family. Over time, his parents divorced, but problems arose with the division of property.

Timur’s mother then decided to sell the apartment in Pechersk, thereby depriving her son and daughter-in-law of housing.

We will remind, earlier Masha Efrosinina toldwhat was her last day before the war.

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