Educational materials of distance school “Optima” for first-graders. Approved by MES and parents


The first and largest distance school “Optima” invites future first-graders to study in 2022-2023. Education at Optima is not like remote public schools. Here they do not offer tasks for independent study, but interest children in copyright materials and unique cartoons.


How is learning in grade 1

For each student, a personal account is created on the educational website of the Optima school, in which the child sees a list of subjects for the current academic year and all educational materials structured and divided into separate lessons and tasks.

All teaching material is presented in lessons developed by qualified teachers in collaboration with psychologists, methodologists and designers.

The lessons use a text format, additional video and audio attachments, interactive games, interesting 3D models, exercises to develop skills, as well as test questions to test the assimilation of educational material.

The school offers a recommended lesson schedule without reference to time. Students work through lessons at a convenient time for them. Lessons after completion remain available for additional study throughout the school year.

Students perform test, written and oral tasks to control knowledge.

Everyone can get acquainted with educational materials, lessons, control tasks and a system of work using free demo access.


Unique educational cartoons

Primary school in “Optima” learns from the author’s lessons in the form of cartoons, which have no analogues in Ukraine and the world. Bright visuals, professional voice acting, thoughtful and balanced presentation of the curriculum – such lessons keep the attention of children, instill in them a love of learning and knowledge.

Each class has its own unique features. For first graders, the focus is on gently adapting kids to school, teaching them how to learn. Educational materials fully comply with the Ukrainian school curriculum and are recommended by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


Each lesson contains an integrated approach – when mathematics also introduces students to facts about geography, language, literature, etc. This not only interests children, but also fully corresponds to the spirit and letter of the New Ukrainian School and modern educational trends.

Hundreds of first-graders were able to appreciate such lessons this spring, because “Optima” opened free access to its educational materials to all children in need. About 100,000 schoolchildren took advantage of the charity package.

You can get comprehensive advice and sign up for training by phone: +38 (067) 333-91-87, +38 (099) 333-91-87.

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