E-prescription for antibiotics in Ukraine – how and where to get

In Ukraine since August 1, 2022 buy antibiotics in pharmacies it will be possible by prescription. The patient can get a prescription from a doctor. Already registered medical institutions that already work with the electronic health system (ESS) will be able to write out e-prescriptions. The Ministry of Health gave explanations for patients about the rules for obtaining an electronic prescription for antibiotics.

Why you can’t buy antibiotics on your own without a doctor’s prescription

An antibiotic is a serious prescription drug that should only be prescribed by a doctor. Only a doctor can determine the appropriateness of taking an antibiotic, choose an effective active ingredient, dosage and regimen of taking the drug.

Self-prescription and uncontrolled use of antibiotics can not only damage human health, but also stimulate the development of a global problem – antibiotic resistance, as a result of which bacteria become resistant to treatment.

How and where to get an e-prescription for antibiotics

An electronic prescription can be obtained directly at the doctor’s appointment. The technical possibility of issuing prescriptions will be available to both public and private doctors.

A prescription can be written by a doctor of any level of medical care and specialization – a therapist, surgeon, dentist, etc. The main condition is that the institution and doctors must be registered in the electronic health system. If the establishment you contacted does not yet offer EHS, the doctor will issue a paper prescription.

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In which pharmacy to buy medicine by e-prescription

During the transition period, the patient will be able to purchase the necessary prescription medication at any pharmacy. To do this, it is enough to present to the pharmacist an information certificate, which the doctor will issue as confirmation of the e-prescription, or a paper prescription.

The Ministry of Health noted that it is possible to purchase an antibiotic by prescription within 30 days from the date of its discharge.

Is it possible to partially redeem an e-prescription?

The doctor in the prescription indicates the active substance of the drug, dosage and duration of treatment. The patient can independently decide on the brand of the drug and partially pay off the prescription in accordance with his budget.

The department explained that the functionality of the e-prescription allows you to make a partial release of medicines and divide the purchase into several times. There is no need to get a second prescription from a doctor.

When dispensing the drug, the pharmacist will stamp “Dispensed” on the information certificate and indicate the amount of the drug dispensed. If repaid again, the patient will be able to use the same prescription.

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Do I need to make a declaration with a doctor to receive an e-prescription?

To receive an electronic prescription for antibiotics, a declaration is not required, but the patient must be registered in the electronic health system.

This can be done in two ways:

  • conclude a declaration with the family doctor;
  • by directly registering for an appointment with any doctor.

To do this, it is enough for the patient to have an identity document (internal or international passport, ID-card, for children – a birth certificate) and a taxpayer registration number (TIN) (mandatory for everyone who has reached the age of 14, an exception – the patient refused the acquisition of such a number, which is confirmed by the corresponding mark in the patient’s passport);

Persons who have been forced to change their place of residence will be able to obtain a prescription from a doctor without a declaration.

Where can I get a prescription for antibiotics in the village?

During the transition period in remote regions and in rural areas, in the absence of doctors and limited access to medical services, paramedics can issue prescriptions for antibiotics.

Also, in the absence of a pharmacy in rural areas, retail trade in medicines is carried out in the premises of feldsher, feldsher-obstetric stations in rural areas, district hospitals, outpatient clinics, general practice outpatient clinics by employees of these institutions with medical education.

How to get the right antibiotic at HERE and where the fighting is taking place

For those pharmacies located in the area of ​​hostilities or in territories under temporary occupation, surrounded, an exception will apply.

During martial law, such pharmacies will be able to continue to dispense prescription antibacterial drugs to patients without a doctor’s prescription. The list of such settlements is approved by the relevant by order Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories.

How volunteers can purchase antibiotics

Volunteer and charitable organizations, at the request of the relevant institution, military unit or health care institution, may purchase prescription drugs directly from distributors without a prescription.

In other cases, if it is a question of buying antibiotics for individual use through a pharmacy, the dispensing is made on the basis of a doctor’s prescription.

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How e-prescriptions will be issued in a hospital

If a medical institution provides inpatient treatment services under the terms of cooperation with the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU), medications, in particular antibiotics, provided for in the treatment package, must be guaranteed to be provided to the patient free of charge. You do not need to write a prescription to prescribe and use this medicine.

In an exceptional situation, when a patient, for certain reasons, needs drugs that are not covered by the treatment package, the hospital doctor will be able to issue a prescription.

Will pharmacists have access to patient medical information

The pharmacist, when dispensing an antibiotic prescription, will only see information about the prescription made by the doctor, and not the patient’s medical information.

Full access to the patient’s medical record, with his consent, has only the doctor with whom the patient has concluded a declaration and it is active.

How to buy an antibiotic for pets

Medications for animals can still be purchased with a veterinary prescription.

The Ministry of Health noted that additional questions on the sale of antibiotics by e-prescription can be asked to the call center operators at the short number 1677.

Recall that starting from August 1, 2022, pharmacies in Ukraine will dispense antibiotics for customers only with a prescription from a doctor. The only exceptions will be temporarily occupied territories and territories where direct hostilities are taking place.

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