“During the war, no one asked about the salary”: the director of the Ural plant justified himself for debts to the team

The director of the Ural Compressor Plant (UKZ), Denis Tasakov, explained the large wage arrears as the consequences of a special operation in Ukraine (although delays in payments began back in January), and on this basis he refused to apologize to employees. His statement published Yekaterinburg edition of EAN.

Tasakov urged workers to “think their heads”, “understand the situation” and realize the scale of the problems faced by Russian companies, including the Ural Compressor Plant.

“Many enterprises with which we cooperate fell under sanctions, their money was stuck in sanctioned banks on special accounts. Some had export contracts for which they cannot receive money, plus the exchange rate practically causes a loss for everyone. Accordingly, these enterprises do not pay us. We are small and were the last in this chain, ”the top manager outlined his vision of the situation.

According to him, questions about salaries are now just as inappropriate as during the Great Patriotic War, since “the state defense order <…> is in jeopardy” and “people are dying” during the hostilities in Ukraine.

“This (the threat of disruption of the state defense order and the death of people), it seems to me, is more important [долгов по зарплате]. And now everyone has become so smart, we have strikes!” Tasakov was indignant.

To his words reacted First Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy Nikolai Arefiev, calling for the removal of the director of the Ural Compressor Plant from his post. All defense orders are currently fully funded, and Tasakov is only trying to justify his own incompetence, the deputy assured.

“There is money in the budget and, despite the freezing of our savings, they have never affected our financial operations. Instead of resolving this issue, if someone did not pay him, he refers to a special operation […] As a director, he has no right to hold a post if he cannot solve elementary issues outside of wartime conditions. We don’t have any wartime,” Arefiev commented on the wage arrears accumulated at the enterprise.

The day before, June 22, the investigative department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Sverdlovsk region reported on the initiation of a criminal case on the fact of non-payment of wages at the Ural Compressor Plant. The report says that the company’s management did not pay more than 300 employees for more than two months, and as a result, the total amount of debt exceeded 20 million rubles.

Earlier, an administrative case against Tasakov was started by the prosecutor’s office, on the proposal of which the magistrate of the Oktyabrsky district granted applications for the recovery of money. However, the employees of the plant still did not receive everything that was due to them.

Edition E1.RU with reference to UKZ employees writesthat problems with wages at the enterprise began in January 2022 after the change of shareholders, and the plant itself is “falling apart”.

“People refused to work in March, we were calculated. Then in May they went on strike again, partial payments began. Until the end of May, the prosecutor’s office ordered us to pay the debt to employees for two months – we have not received anything, we are sitting at home, waiting. The average salary at the plant is about 50,000 rubles,” one of the workers said.

According to him, he and his colleagues no longer have money to travel to the plant, and the pace at which management makes payments does not correspond to the amount of accumulated debt – for example, 1 thousand rubles each. per week per person with a debt of “under 100 thousand rubles.”

Tasakov does not hide his indignation at the strikes that workers periodically organize, refusing to work without pay. In his last statement, he made it clear that those employees who are not on strike will receive payments before the rest: they will be paid in full. “True, money should remain for those who are on strike,” added the general director of the UKZ. According to him, the governor of the Sverdlovsk region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, is already involved in resolving the situation with wages.

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