Due to the shortage of gas, Germany may stop its exports to neighboring countries

There are fears in Berlin that gas flows through Nord Stream 1 may stop.

Without Russian gas next winter, Germany will face a difficult choice / photo from UNIAN

Due to the reduction in Russian gas supplies, Germany in the winter may face a difficult choice – to continue to supply gas to European countries or leave gas for its citizens.

About it writes the edition Euractiv.

Russian state gas giant Gazprom has reduced flows through Nord Stream 1 to 40% of capacity. With pipeline maintenance scheduled for July, there are fears in Berlin and industry that gas flows may not recover afterward, putting Germany in a difficult position.

“The only way to avoid gas shortages is to ensure that we do not send gas from our storage facilities to neighboring European countries,” said German Vice Chancellor Robert Gabeck.

If flows through Nord Stream 1 remain at 40% and Germany continues to export to other European countries, then it will face gas shortages in early February 2023, the federal network agency predicts.

If Nord Stream 1 is stopped altogether and if exports to EU countries continue, the situation will be even worse – the gas shortage will begin in mid-December.

The publication notes that without Russian gas next winter, Germany will face a difficult choice in mid-December. If it provides gas to its neighbors, then its industry may have to do without it.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on June 17 it became known that European countries are using gas reserves for the winter due to the reduction in supplies from the Russian Federation.

According to the President of the European Commission, about 24% of the total energy balance in the EU countries is gas. The EU imports 90% of gas and 40% of this import is Russian gas.

Russia has already stopped gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland and the Netherlands, which refused to pay for it in rubles.

On June 22, the head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, advised Europe to urgently prepare for the fact that Russia could completely cut off gas supplies in winter.

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