Dorofeeva officially confirmed relations with Katsurin – UNIAN

The singer posted a photo where she hugs Michael.

Nadia Dorofeeva and Mikhail Katsurin / Photo -

Singer Nadya Dorofeeva, which in March of this year announced a divorce from Vladimir Dantest, did not remain alone for long. Almost immediately, rumors began to circulate that she allegedly had an affair with a certain Mikhail Katsurin, a family friend who, by the way, has a wife. The fans were alerted by the fact that the Katsurins announced the breakup of their relationship the day after Nadia and Vova.

Up to this point, the performer has intrigued with ambiguous photos and statements. However, today she posted a photo in which Mikhail hugs her.

In the description of the picture on the Instagram blog, the star briefly wrote: “Together.”

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Nadia has restricted the ability to leave comments under this post.

Nadia Dorofeeva and Mikhail Katsurin / Photo -

Note that earlier Dantes said that their marriage broke up definitely not because Nadezhda went to Katsurin. However, Vova himself does not waste time in vain – he has already been noticed in the company of Dasha Katsurina.

UNIAN also wrote that passion Dantes revealed the real reason for the divorce from her boyfriend Dorofeeva.

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