Dorofeeva in a frank pose almost showed too much – UNIAN

The singer showed a new photo. In a few hours, the picture gained almost 50 thousand likes.

Nadia Dorofeeva was struck by the image / Photo -

Ukrainian solo singer Nadezhda Dorofeeva posted an interesting photo on her Instagram blog in which she sits on a chair. The girl is wearing a shirt and short shorts. So that nothing extra would get into the frame, she put her legs on a chair and crossed them.

The glass that stands right on the performer’s head is also striking. In the description for the publication, Dorofeeva raised the topic of how she switched to the Ukrainian language. The star noted that this happened in anticipation of her participation in one of the vocal projects as a coach.

The ex-wife of Dantes noted that reading aloud books in Ukrainian helps her to improve her pronunciation.

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“I read aloud. And it all started with the fact that I wanted to pump my level of Ukrainian on the eve of “Voice. Children”. One day I came to a lesson with Yulia Zaremba. She immediately said: “Nadya, you need to read Ukrainian books aloud.” “What?”, I thought. The last time I did this was at school, so I was a little skeptical about it “But I’ll tell you, it’s a cool experience and it really works. Now, if you happen to hear it, everything is OK, I’m just pumping my skills. If you are also at the learning stage, take note of this life hack,” Dorofeeva wrote.

Recall Nadya Dorofeeva burst into tears when she sang about Ukraine at a concert.

UNIAN also wrote that Dantes and Katsurina made their first public appearance together and made an important announcement to fans.

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