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In Khrustalny, Luhansk region, Russian invaders are trying to hide losses after a missile attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. About it informs Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense.

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According to intelligence, in the city of Khrustalny, occupied since 2014, which was called Krasny Luch until 2016, a unit of Russian troops was stationed in the Krasny Luch hotel.

After the fire strike at the place of deployment, the invaders did not publish information about the losses and carried out a set of measures to hide the fact of the death and injury of their servicemen, the GUR reports.

Intelligence officials claim that most of the wounded Russians were taken to a military hospital in Rostov-on-Don in civilian cars, and after the destruction of all traces of the UAF strike, the enemy actively began to spread disinformation in the media and instant messengers that all the invaders allegedly managed to leave the hotel in advance and none of them allegedly suffered.

  • On the night of July 24 in the occupied Khrustalny, Luhansk region there were explosions downtown. According to preliminary information, there were about 100 soldiers of the Russian army there.

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