Dmitry Gordon spoke about the possible replacement of the Russian war commander – UNIAN

Russian invaders can shoot each other, the journalist believes.

After replacing the commander of the Russian war in Ukraine, the opponents can run, the journalist believes / photo

Possible appointment as commander Russian war in Ukraine Gennady Zhidko, who was deputy head of the Russian Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu for military-political work, is very good news for the Ukrainian state.

When political officers begin to command the troops, this means that the military can soon shoot each other, told Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon on the air of one of the channels.

“… this is very good (that, perhaps, Zhidko began to command the war in Ukraine – Ed.), because when political officers begin to command the troops, this suggests that the troops will soon either run or shoot each other,” he said.

Gordon added that he had seen enough of political officers in the army.

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Recall that in early June, the Conflict Intelligence Team reported that Gennady Zhidko was appointed the head of military operations in Ukraine instead of Alexander Dvornikov.

Russian troops invaded Ukraine early on the morning of February 24. The Kremlin called the war in Ukraine a “special operation”, in particular, to denazify our citizens.

The defenders of the Ukrainian state gave a worthy rebuff to the invaders. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that as of June 8, approximately 31,500 enemies have already been destroyed on our territory.

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