Day of the prophet Elijah 2022 – what to do on this day

On August 2, Eastern Rite Christians celebrate Elijah’s Daydedicated to one of the most revered prophets. Ilya is considered the patron saint of fertility, he is also prayed for a peaceful sky above his head.

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Traditions of celebrating Elijah’s Day

On this day, it is customary to go to the temple for the liturgy. Believers pray before the icons of Elijah, asking him for a good harvest, family happiness and a peaceful sky above their heads.

On the holiday, it is also customary to harvest fruits and berries, as well as collect medicinal herbs and tea.

It is believed that those who fell under the rain on this day can be healed of diseases.

But in a thunderstorm they tried not to stay outside. It was necessary to light a candle in front of the icon of Elijah, it was believed that this could protect the house from lightning.

On the holiday, they also traditionally looked after the bees and worked in the apiary.

On the day of Elijah, it is not customary to swim in the reservoirs. According to legend, the water becomes cold and cloudy from the holiday. According to legend, Ilya traveled through the sky on horseback, one of them lost a horseshoe, which made the water cold.

Elijah’s day is considered a good date for a wedding, since the prophet is considered the patron saint of married couples.

Prayers to the prophet Elijah

The prophet is prayed for family happiness, health, and prosperity.

Prayer for help

“Oh, the holy prophet of God Elijah. Pray for me, the servant of God (name), before the Lord God, so that He forgives the sins that I have committed, and deliver me from the torment on earth and at the terrible judgment. I pray to you and ask for help in every business and in the fight against the temptations of sinners. Help me find peace, and protect me from evil and ill-wishers. I bow to you and the King of Heaven, I hope for your help. Amen. “

Prayer for health

“Far beyond the ocean, the island stands, and on this island Elijah the Prophet with the Angels sits. The messengers of God shoot arrows, from me, the servant of God (name), they drive away diseases. Amen.”

Turning to St. Elijah, you must believe that he will definitely hear you and respond to your request.

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