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What kind of congratulations on the day of a civil servant to send to friends so that they feel your care – find out in the UNIAN material.

Day of Civil Servants of Ukraine / photo UNIAN, Mykola Tys

Day of Civil Servants of Ukraine / photo UNIAN, Mykola Tys

Every year on June 23, UN Civil Service Day is celebrated – a holiday designed to honor the importance of public service for the development of the state. On this date, the Day of the Civil Servant of Ukraine is also celebrated. The holiday was established by decree of Leonid Kuchma in 2003.

Civil servants are considered not only deputies, but also employees of local governments, courts, police and government agencies. On this day, awards are given to the best employees of the civil service. Civil servants also accept congratulations on their professional holiday from relatives and friends.

Congratulations on the Day of the Civil Servant of Ukraine

Civil Servant's Day / photo

Civil Servant’s Day / photo

In Ukraine, Civil Servant Day,

With what I congratulate you

And all the best,

I wish you happiness and good.

Let your work be argued

And you will be happy with everything

Let the good come true

Be happy and calm!


A civil servant is a strong personality.

Determination, assertiveness in him.

He is usually busy with business,

He solves problems during the day.

And all because being a part

No small country systems

Not so easy, because the power

Only the strong are endowed.


Congratulations to all civil servants

Today I want a holiday

We swore an oath to Ukraine –

This vow is up to you.

I wish you strength and patience

On the track is not easy,

The path of service to the state

Chosen by fate itself.


Civil servant is a calling

This is work for the benefit of the people,

This is excellent knowledge of laws,

This is the implementation of all the best ideas.

May God give you wisdom in your decisions,

Knowledge, patience and kindness,

Give honesty to your judgments

Give generosity and latitude souls!

Day of the Civil Servant of Ukraine / photo

Day of the Civil Servant of Ukraine / photo

Who serves the state and the people

Celebrate this day for a reason.

And in the rain, and in the snow, and in flying weather

They will not make a mess in their country.

Let civil servants be valued, respected,

They will be able to protect ordinary citizens.

Their work is difficult, they are little understood,

Well, let’s at least we will love them all!

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