Daniel Salem admitted that he lost his hearing forever – UNIAN

The TV presenter recently received a shell shock.

Daniel Salem and Kolya Serga /

Ukrainian TV presenter Daniel Salem has been a member of the Armed Forces since the first days of the war in Ukraine. He protects our country from the Russian invaders who invaded on February 24 and made a real collapse.

Salem recently admitted that he received a shell shock in the war. As a result, he lost hearing in his left ear. Doctors say that, most likely, the hearing will not return, but Daniel does not despair.

“I got hit by an explosive wave. I lay down on the ground, and it hit me right in the ear. It was a close fight,” Daniel said in the “Morning with Ukraine” program.

He added that he saw the invaders with his own eyes, they were literally a few meters away from his position.

We will remind, earlier Daniel Salem published video from the front line, showing one day in the life of the military.

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