Covid-19: Number of people in intensive care, number of deaths in hospital, regions affected… The coronavirus in figures and on a map

The point on the coronavirus in figures. How many people does France have in intensive care every day? How many deaths in hospital since the start of the epidemic? Which regions are most affected?

Answers with numbers provided by Public health France.

Number of people in intensive care per day

As of Friday May 27, France has 1,024 people in critical care for Covid-19. This indicator peaked on April 8, 2020. On that day, 7,019 people were in “critical care”.

Deaths in hospital

This Friday, May 27, 44 new deaths linked to Covid-19 were deplored, bringing the total to 119,264 in France since the start of the epidemic.

Please note that the data presented here only takes into account deaths linked to Covid-19 which took place at thehospital. The victims in medico-social establishments, including nursing homes, and those who died at home are to be added to this sad record.

By studying the mortality data by sex, we can see that men are much more affected by the coronavirus than women.


By taking the figures for the number of deaths and adding the distribution by region, we can see an inequality between the territories.

Note the following distribution in the Overseas Territories: Mayotte deplores 162 deaths since the start of the pandemic, Guyana 390, Martinique 938, Reunion 800 and Guadeloupe 1.042.


This Friday, May 27, 571 people returned home cured of the coronavirus, or at least considered out of danger, after being treated at the hospital. A total of 662,562 people treated for Covid-19 have left hospital since the start of the epidemic.

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