Counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south – Russian troops can make a breakthrough

Head of the Coordinating Press Center of the Security and Defense Forces South Natalya Gumenyuk on air telethon stated that southbound there is a certain maneuver of the Russian military. According to her, this may indicate the accumulation of forces to hold the defense, or the invaders may make a certain breakthrough.

Russian troops continue to shell the liberated territories in southern Ukraine.

“From time to time, enemy aircraft strike at those territories that we have already liberated. They are trying to put pressure on our personnel in this way. We strike back. The fact that we keep certain areas of the occupied territory under fire control makes them very nervous” – stressed Gumenyuk.

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In the Kherson region Ukrainian defenders de-occupied 46 settlements, said the acting head of the Kherson regional military administration Dmitry Butriy. According to him, there are villages in the territories liberated from the occupiers, which are almost destroyed by 90%.

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