Conflicts in the world – Russia’s impunity encourages others to similar actions

If in 2014 Russia had received a harsh response from the world community to its actions in Crimea and Donbas, the world would not be facing heightened conflict today. About this in his evening address declared Vladimir Zelensky.

“Recently, a lot of messages about conflict situations and threats in other geography have appeared in our information space and social networks. First Balkansafter Taiwannow it can be Caucasus… All these situations seem different, although they have one factor in common, namely: the global security architecture has not worked. If it had worked, there would not have been all this conflict,” Zelensky explained, recalling that in 2014 the world did not react to the situation with Crimea, Donbass, the Malaysian Boeing, and this backfired on him today.

Russia avoided responsibility and retained business and political ties with the world, and this, in the end, stimulated other players on the world stage to take similar actions, gave them confidence that they would succeed.

“And this is really what Ukraine has been paying attention to not only 161 days from the start of a full-scale war, but for years. Since Russia has completely ignored international law, the interests of humanity as such,” the president stressed.

According to Zelensky, Ukrainians are now doing a very important thing for the world community: our people have united the whole world not just around their struggle for freedom, but around understanding how fragile the freedom of everyone is in Europe and in other parts of the world.

“This fragility can only be protected by joint action. There must be an effective global security architecture that ensures that no state can ever again resort to terror against another state,” Zelensky stressed, adding that the Ukrainian state, together with our partners, is conducting systematic work to create it.

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